About skyPBX
Who are we?

On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call.  Not much changed since that day…for a long, long, time.  Ring Ring… Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you.   The primary purpose of a phone is still voice communication but why should that be enough?  You are correct, it is not enough. At skyePBX we not only agree but we bring you much more.

What do we do?

Your phone should be more than two cans and a string with a big price tag.   Why can’t your phone be a system that is the equivalent of another human resource, an automatic alert system, a way to do away with paper faxes, something that not only saves but makes you money, a way to integrate multiple locations into one virtual location, gives you the option of both video and voice?  We do all all of that and more.

How do we do it for you?

By now you are wondering “How do they do it?”  I would like to say “easy” but I won’t. No…I will.  Easy. All we need to get started is simply the number of phones you want and a copy of a recent phone bill.  From there we will have a conversation about your current internet service provider and your dreams of having an awe inspiring phone system.  If you like what we have for you, we will jump in the skyeVan and make your phone dreams come true.

For the techies

Everything else is moving to the internet, why can’t your calls. We accomplish this with a SIP trunk. When we port your number into our network your phone number exists everywhere! This gives us the 1up on routing your number to your cell phone in the event that you lose internet. We still have control of your number even in some of the biggest outage. With it being on a SIP trunk we open doors for the capability of your number, whether its voice, SMS, MMS, e911. YOU are in control of your number and you get its full potential. Gone are the days of someone being on the line while you are trying to use the line. With SIP trunking there is no concurrent call limit, no busy tones, as long as you are there to answer, we are there to deliver your calls.

Our amazing clients

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