Working from Home

Posted: 5/8/2021, 7:24:13 PM

Howdy feller!

With all the latest hubbub of COVID, WFH has become a norm for most employees. Nothing has changed with us at skyPBX, all of our teamwork from their own office in their home. Granted, some of us would love an environment away from the rowdy kiddos and just a change of scenery when it comes to working. I would like to make this post talking about the struggles in WFH that we all have experienced at skyPBX, and maybe we can help others that are homebound and need some ways to stay productive and not pull their hair out.

Separation of work and play

I have found myself time and time again after work which can usually be 6PM or whenever we just get tired of working, that I have my free time on the same computer I do my work on. I, as well as some other employees here, play games when they are not working. Having that separation of work and play by a physical machine can do the mind wonders. I have been there myself when I am playing a game like Overwatch, and I get a push notification on my computer that I got an email, I know that email can wait till tomorrow but me being me, I saw the email and if I don’t take care of it then and there it will be on my mind all night and I will not be able to enjoy myself while playing games or talking to my friends over Discord or something.

Desk Flavor

Having that diffuser or USB missile launcher on the desk can add a lot of flavor to your work life. Or just getting yourself a plant to take care of and water. Every now and then we will TREAT YO SELF, to something like a new mouse, a new keyboard, or a new monitor. Heck, one year after a megaton of summer installs. Our guys got a computer allowance and they built themselves new work computers. Having a change in scenery will give you that little something to look forward to when coming to the same room every day in your home office. So don’t be afraid to treat ya self when it comes to your mental health.

Posture Check

I cannot stress this enough, when you work in a job that requires you to sit in a chair all day to work on a computer, you need to invest in your bum. Make sure that you are comfortable when sitting in your chair. You are going to be in that thing for like 8 hours a day. MY favorite chair has been the Herman Miller Aeron series. It is a bit pricey, but it is one of those “you get what you pay for” kinda things. So, make sure you are in a chair that keeps your posture in check and you are comfortable. I also have a standing desk from, I make it a habit to stand my desk up for 1 hour a day. I try to make sure that hour is after lunch, because after lunch the last thing I want to do is stand. Standing up keeps that blood pumping and keeps me focused.


Keeping in touch with friends and co-workers can help a lot! We use Discord for all our internal communication, they have free video/talk/screen share and the channel organization just makes life easier. You can always sit in the Staff channel and someone will pop in and you can just talk about memes or just talk work. There are many communication platforms out there. Slack, Teams, and TeamSpeak (if you still are one of those people) but Discord has always been there for us and it’s free!

As always we are here for you, and I hope that this post can help you during these difficult times. If you need anything from us, don’t be afraid to holler.

❤️ – Blake

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