We know you’re busy – why not make things easier and communicate anywhere, anytime.

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Never miss a call whether you’re out of the office or just not at your desk

Call Forwarding

Forward multiple numbers to never miss a call

Call Transfer

Transfer calls from desk to mobile and vice versa

Desktop App

Reduce hardware whilst retaining the best quality of service

Mobile App

Utilize our mobile app to take your phone system with you

Voicemail to Email

Always missing voicemail? Get a copy sent to your email

Virtual Voicemail

Personalize your voicemail from anywhere

Visual Voicemail

Receive handy transcripts of your voicemails to your user portal and email


Working together to get the job done, profitable and effective teamwork.

Caller Display

Know who’s calling before you answer

Ring Groups

Multiple extensions for a call mean they never go unanswered

Call Management

Easily monitor and manage calls from your admin portal


Connect multiple people on one call

Message Groups

Broadcast announcements to multiple contacts


You and your customers are our number one priority. We pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience for everyone.

Call Screening

Answer only the calls you want to

Do Not Disturb

Send callers directly to voicemail or to another extension

Call Continuity

Configurable automatic call rerouting

Call Hold

Have multiple calls open at once and switch between easily

Detailed Call Reports

Get instant reports on all call activity

Call Queuing

Manage your inbound calls

Call Waiting

A discreet notification whilst on another call

Recording and Auditing

On-demand call recording and auditing for your entire team

Direct to Phone

Give customers an easy way to get directly to an extension

Call Dashboard

View real-time information for all of your users

Best Quality Voice

The best call quality across all devices

Auto Attendant

Route calls to the appropriate extension using our IVR system

Mass Ring

Avoid missing any calls using this simple setting

Caller ID Prefix

Identify the origin of inbound calls

One number, multiple phones

One inbound number, distributed phone system

Call Blocking

Block those pesky scams or unwanted callers


Not every business or team is the same, build the most efficient solution for you.

Hide Caller ID

Remain anonymous on outbound calls

Custom Caller ID

Choose what you want people to see when you call them

Admin Portal

One Portal to manage your entire phone system

Geographical phone number

Local or National numbers, you choose what you want to use

On-hold music

Provide your callers with a better waiting experience

User Portal

Allow users to easily manage their own extensions

Virtual Mailbox

Privately store voicemail in your own virtual mailbox

Business Phones and Accessories

Looking for business phones? Look no further. We offer competitive prices on the best brands in the industry, and all our phones are tested and approved for our business phone system.

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