Admin Portal

Single pane of glass management


Get a top down view of your business and how your calls are going. You can easily make changes on the fly and drill down into whats happening on your phone system.

How does this benefit me?

No software needed. You can make the change from the web and it immediately goes into effect. You can see who is doing what and be in total control of your phone system.

1. Can I still use support to make changes?

Absolutely! That is what we are here for. If you need to make a change but are not around a computer, or you just don’t feel like managing your phone system, we are here to help you!

2. Does support cost extra?

Negative, Ghost Rider. We are NOT about that hidden fee life. We support our customers and their users. If you have an employee that needs support they can call us too! As long as they have a SkyPBX phone we will be there to help them.

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