Bells and Intercom

Changing the way you communicate

With the skyePBX intercom and bell system we will install a SIP clock speaker in every class room with a button. This particular speaker (IP-SCM-SM) has a very loud speaker! It even has a photosensor and temperature sensor. It can let you know if the lights have been left on in the classroom as well as the current temperature in the classroom.

This speaker has many features, from Scheduled Bells, All Call, 2-way communication, 1-way communication, monitoring, customizable LED display to send messages, we even have a clock speaker that has 3 LED lights on the front panel for subtle notifications. These speakers support LLDP-MED, Multicast, SIP, as well as InformaCast.

When we install these in the room we will require PoE+. We will run a 2 conductor wire from the clock to the button that is mounted on the wall.

We have many other speaker options as well! Outdoor/Indoor Horns, Ceiling Tile speakers, Flush Mount/Surface Mount Clock Speakers, Analog Paging adapters to integrate your existing all call speakers to our system.

Check our products page to see all of our network speaker options. Our end goal is to make sure your messages are delivered to the classroom with the highest priority! 

Need help finding the best solution for your school or business? Chat us using the button below!

All Call

Using Multicast Paging we make sure your voice is heard district wide. You being heard is our highest priority.

Event Scheduling

We can take your existing bell schedule and any other custom events and add them to your intercom install. 

Room Communication

We make sure your rooms have the easiest method of calling the office. We install a single button in the room for them to press to reach a destination of your choosing.

Bells and Whistles

Customize what room hears what bell or announcement. Easily set up zones for your campus to make a room a part of multiple zones, just in case that room has multiple grade levels.

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