Call Queuing



Our take a number solution to the mass of callers. It’s mainly seen in call centers but we have seen it used in our K-12 environments as well. They are essentially waiting lines for people calling in.

How does this benefit me?

Although we never send a busy signal to your callers. It can be a bit overwhelming with a lot of calls coming in and we are ringing your phones left and right. With a call queue we give the caller a place in line and when its their turn we then ring your phone. During this time they are hearing hold music until their call is ready to be served.

1. How long will a caller be in queue?

As long as you would like them to be. When you are ready for another call we send it your way. We also give you time to wrap up the last call you had before we send you a new one.

2. How does it work?

You might have heard it before, but it is called FIFO, which is an acronym for First In, First Out. Or first come first served.

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