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Enabling call recording is easy to do. You can enable it on a per extension basis, globally across all extensions, or just when callers call a certain number, you can also have a button on your phone to start the recording process. All call recordings are stored forEVER.

You can also set up certain recordings to play when callers call a particular number as well, for example, inclement weather announcements, high volume announcements, etc. When a recording is done on a call you will have to ask an administrator of your phone system to pull the recording for you.

Or you can email our support team and we will send the recording to the authorized users on the account and let them know that the recording was requested.

You can enable recording just on one particular extension from the control panel

You can login to the control panel and playback as well as download the recordings from your calls.

*recordings are stored and downloaded as MP3

Be in complete control of the method of recording you want. Ex. Inbound/Outbound/Local recordings

Users can have a record button on the phone and the call will start recording as soon as the button is pressed.

Record all calls across the phone system entirely.

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