Voice Communication

We put your money, where your mouth is!​

Your phone should be more than two cans and a string with a big price tag.

Why can’t your phone be a system that is the equivalent of another human resource, an automatic alert system, a way to do away with paper faxes. Something that not only saves but makes you money, a way to integrate multiple locations into one virtual location, gives you the option of both video and voice? 

We do all all of that and more.

Block those pesky spam callers!

With this page you will see how long it took the caller to answer as well. We have many more features of CDRs that you will be able to see to get that drill down data you might be asked to provide.

Arrange your phones in a way that all calls can be answered!

Enabling call recording is easy to do. You can enable it on a per extension basis, globally across all extensions, or just when callers call a certain number, you can also have a button on your phone to start the recording process. All call recordings are stored forEVER.

Audio conferencing enables multiple people on multiple phones to connect on the same call. Each person calls into the central conferencing line and can hear and speak to all the other participants in the audio call. Conference calls are audio-only connections.

Replace the guesswork out of whether or not your fax is going to reach its final destination or end up in the ether. We understand the T-38 protocol and how it should be implemented to securely and reliably transmit documents from anywhere.

Having an auto-attendant means you will never miss a call from your customers or potential customers! Let us take care of pre-recording your phone menu with our professional studio services. 

Music on hold is a basic feature in today’s VoIP systems. But, we think we do it better. With our music on hold functionally you have the ability to make a web live stream your music on hold! 

With call queues, callers can operate on a FIFO (first in, first out) system. Almost like being at the DMV, without all the attitude and boredom.

With Ring Groups you are in control of where your call rings into. If you want to ring 3 people at one or 100, ring groups will help you organize your team members.

Set up your system with business hours. So that users get routed to the appropriate destination depending on the time of day they call.

You’re in your email all the time, so imagine the convenience of getting your voicemail messages sent to your email.

Can’t listen to the mp3 we send to your email? No worries, we will use AI technology to transcribe your voicemail to text so you can read it.

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Our Bread and Butter

Reliable Audio

Quality is our top priority, we score every call that traverses our network to make sure you are getting the best call quality and to make sure your voice is being heard loud and clear.

Bring Your Own Number

Already in the phonebook? We can port your number into our network and have it ring your new phones and never miss a beat!

Never Miss a Call

With our call failover your callers will never hear a busy tone. We make sure to deliver your call even if your internet goes down!

Top Tier Support

We pride ourselves on our support. We want to make sure you get the support you deserve. We know how the big companies treat you. We will take care of you.

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