Advanced Network Devices Button

Advanced Network Devices AND-BTN-KIT-1

The vandal-proof AND Call Button is used for initiating 2-way communication between devices or devices and phones. The peripheral interface adapter (AND-PIA-1) interfaces with the call button (IPBTN-V) via the general purpose input signal on the “poke-home” connector.

Advanced Network Devices AND-BTN-KIT-1 Overview:

Compatible with AND devices of MAC address 20:46:F9:03:00:00 or higher. Use with PoE or PoE+ power source. General purpose input functionally tested to operate with the IPBTN-V.

Note: IPSIGNL-RWB and IPCDS-RWB require a modified peripheral interface board. IPSCM and ZONEC models do not support this kit.

Advanced Network Devices AND-BTN-KIT-1 Features:
  • Faceplate is 4.5″ x 2.75″ for installation with any standard single gang junction box
  • Faceplate is 16-gauge polished stainless steel
  • Button diameter is .6″ (15mm)
  • Use 18-22 AWG stranded or solid core wire pair to connect button to the peripheral interface board
  • Vandal proof screws included to increase security
  • AND-PIA-1 also includes “poke-home” access to these device signals: Line level audio in/out & General purpose output relay (N.O. or N.C; dry or 12VDC, 1A max) & 1 additional general purpose input


This kit can be used with most AND devices.